TIP: Get patients involved in their care.

EHR systems have improved dramatically when it comes to helping clinicians identify patients who are missing certain preventive care and / or screening tests.

Just as these EHR alerts are a great tool to ensure patients are up-to-date with preventive care solutions, relying solely on the EHR has a weak focus for excellent patient care.

Keeping the patient involved and aware of the importance of each preventive care and screening test is the only way for excellence to prevail.

Your next questions should be:

  1. How do you keep patients involved in their own care?
  2. How do you make them aware of the health risks that lie ahead?
  3. Can they be two steps ahead of their own doctor?

Think outside the box! and you will find the answers to these questions or, better yet, give us a call to help you create preventive care initiatives where your patient plays the leading role.

Learn more about training for your administrators. Click link below.

Proactive Administrative System (PAS)

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