Available with the Gold Diamond Pkg.Advance Training

Advanced training is all about making sure employees understand the changes made in their respective departments. All New Systems and Policies training. It will also include our exclusive Smart Scheduling training; Member retention and Customer Service training.

Training Future Leaders.

Smart Scheduling
Creating an appointment should not be an automatic action. This must be governed by precise information that dictates what is the best day and time for each appointment. We conduct multiple training lessons and focus on scheduling strategies based on many different criteria to create smart appointments.
Customer Service
Establishing a loving and compassionate relationship with your members should be your primary focus in order to keep your center open for generations to come. Help your staff with training on: Dos and Don'ts of Communicating with a Patient. How to avoid conflict situations and handle difficult patients.
Member Retention
We have unique retention initiatives that will help you retain your members. We work together with your Director of Member Services to create an incredible plan. Getting a new affiliate is just as hard as keeping them happy. The first few weeks play a crucial role in developing a lasting relationship. Happy members create referrals; and happy and knowledgeable employees keep patients satisfied.


In this phase we will meet with employees individually or in groups to train them. Once all the training sessions are done we are ready for the final phase.
Communication between employees and departments will be the main focus. Everyone needs to understand every process, whether it's from your department or not. "Cross training" is a must.
At this point, we have the right employee in the right department. Employees will have a new attitude and appreciation for their work and how to achieve weekly and monthly goals.

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