Available after a Consulting Service package has been rendered.Consulting Support
by Phone

Imagine having an expert at available at all times! Someone you can discuss with your future business plans, current issues, brainstorm on new systems and processes. An experienced executive that can create policies, diagrams, job descriptions, and more on the spot! A fountain of knowledge a phone call away.

Basic Pack
Management Questions & Answers: Call us, email us, text us with questions and a consulting expert will have the answers for you.

Hours available from 9 am to 5 pm: Feel free to contact us, we can change this to your business hours.

Phone Call Hours (30 minutes per day/ 10 hours per month): This plan is limited, but exceptions can be made for emergencies.
Full Pack
Management Questions & Answers: Again, do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

Phone Call Hours UNLIMITED. No minimum hours. Contact us as many times as you need.

Creation of New Systems & Processes (up to 3):
Have a new idea to document and create processes for? Just give us a call to discuss and they will be ready within 24 hours.

Creation of New Policies & Procedures (up to 3):
Do you have a new company policy in mind? Just give us a call to discuss and it will be ready within 24 hours.

New Job Descriptions (up to 3):
Have you hired a new employee for a new position? Call us to create the job description on the spot.
Super Pack

- Management Questions & Answers
- Phone Call Hours UNLIMITED.
- After Office Hours (UNLIMITED)
- Creation of New Systems & Processes as needed (UNLIMITED)
- Creation of New Policies & Procedures as needed(UNLIMITED)
- New Job Descriptions (UNLIMITED)

Additional Services:
Remote EHR Review (UNLIMITED) - Do you need us to review your EHR for employee errors? Just tell us.

1 Week Workflow Analysis & Recommendations every 6 months: You've probably experienced that after a while, employees tend to bend or ignore rules, processes, and workflows. We recommend a 1 week workflow review to ensure everything is up and running.


Running a medical center without support can be frustrating, sometimes it makes you want to quit! Share your burden with someone who can understand your struggle, an executive who has been there before, who knows the community and its challenges. Count on us to guide your steps to success.
Remember, this support system only works if we have been in your center as consultants. When you call with questions, we already know and have created your processes, we know your employees and patients. We will be ready for new challenges.
Our solutions and responses to your concerns will be carefully studied. We don't make assumptions or "try" to help. If necessary, we will travel to your location and meet with you personally or with staff to gain a clear understanding of the issue. We are committed and take our responsibility very seriously.

Ready To Talk?

Together, we can achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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