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We provide support to the Human Resources department by providing all the documents and policies necessary to guide and monitor its staff. Performance review forms; job evaluation forms; Cellular use policies; Social media policy and much more!

Top Issues.

Hiring - Firing employees
Creating an efficient department starts with hiring the right employee. The responsibility of the human resources department to hire, maintain and foster a good relationship with the employee is just as important as that of their immediate supervisor. To keep the Florida Labor Department at bay, you must be prepared and knowledgeable of various simple but important rules when hiring and firing staff.
Warnings and Training
Having the necessary tools to correct, educate and train employees is essential. One of the biggest problems in companies is keeping their employees. Patients want to see familiar faces and having a special bond between a patient and a staff member can prevent potential disenrollment. Some patients will disenroll after their provider is terminated if they think it wrong. Happy employees, Happy patients.
The Company Policies
Last but not least, company policies constitute the values of the company you work for. They are indicative of the behavior you expect from your employees. They must be specific, clear and, above all, they must be complied with. Human Resources plays a very important role in making sure that policies are enforced by immediate supervisors. Employees should be made aware of the company's values and goals, discussed during hiring, and reminded of them during their tenure.


We will meet with your current Human Resources director (if any) and provide them with the guidance and forms necessary to run the department smoothly.
We will review current and former employee files to find deficiencies. Maintaining employee files updated and accurate avoids issues with ACHA inspections. Employee licenses and certifications must be in place and valid. Contact information updated, and much more.
Human Resources must know how to work with head of departments and staff to avoid departments being low in staff. Vacation request policies and planning ahead of time is one the solutions to that issue. We will work together to give you the tools to have great productivity year round.

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