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Employees must adhere to and understand why Policies and Procedures apply. Once the workflow review is complete and we are satisfied that the work redesign meets the purpose of efficient workflow, we focus on creating policies and procedures that help enforce the changes made in each department of the company.

Protecting the company.

Protecting All
Policies are created to protect employees, patients, and the company. For example, a policy regarding the use of cell phones by drivers does just that, protect employees and patients from an accident and the company at the same time.
Protected Health Information
There are specific steps a health care provider must take to safeguard their patients' protected health information (PHI) when sharing that information with outside providers. In addition to HIPAA employee training, it is important to have policies and processes in place.
Proactive measures
We will review current policies. We will update, add, or remove policies and procedures to include new processes addressed in the early stages of the consulting program. Taking proactive steps can save a company a lot of headache down the road.


At this stage of the consulting program, you will feel like your business is finally getting organized and protected. The policies should be added to the Employee Handbook as they will be used during the HR department's new hire processes. The Director of the Human Resources department will meet with us to review and add any other internal policies deemed necessary.
Don't wait until problems arise to create a policy, it may be too late.
Being proactive in all aspects of your business will ensure success for years to come.

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