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Developing systems and processes that reflect communication between departments is vital. Diagrams will be created that clearly demonstrate the changes for each department and between departments. These processes will also be used during the Advanced Training and incorporated in the manual for new employee training.

Building a Foundation.

Easy to Follow Solutions
Step-by-step instructions provide the employees with a clear understanding of their responsibilities, leaving no space for errors. Missing a step in any process can cause serious problems in workflow, data reporting, and patient service. Our diagrams are bullet proof!
New employee training
Most companies leave the training of new employees to other employees. Completely wrong. Their bad habits will be picked up by the new employee; forgetting a certain part of a process during training and the inability to provide a valid reason for a procedure will lead to poor training. Using our diagrams and systems during a training is vital.
Organization at its best
Having systems and processes available to staff, doctors, and even patients will improve workflow and office organization. Each department will work together towards their defined specific objectives. Goals that will be easy to verify through reports by department at the end of the day.


At this point we have established how each individual employee must perform their duties. Every service, every communication has been translated to easy to follow steps. There is no room for error.
How are medical record reviews performed? Are there missing notes or diagnostic tests before the patient visit? Employees must be responsible for each step of the entire process. This rule applies to staff in all departments.
When a mistake is made, who was responsible? Are there several employees performing the same functions? Dealing with the same issues on a monthly basis without determining how the mistakes were made or who made them is one of the biggest challenges for administrators.

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