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A successful Work Redesign can allocate resources efficiently and free staff from unnecessary tasks. The departmental diagrams will help staff make decisions by following established rules that will guide them to the correct solutions for daily conflicts. Performance reviews will be conducted to establish the need for additional training, including data analysis to determine the relationship between tasks and employees.

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Job Duties & Responsibilities
Is your staff aware of their responsibilities? We so often find employees do "their best", which to their understanding is: "whatever I can accomplished during my work schedule." Leaving you with incomplete tasks, and work that is not at the highest level of excellence. Let us redefine what's important, let us help them manage their time efficiently!
Impressive Process Diagrams
We love creating easy-to-follow process diagrams for new and existing employees. Prevent employees from forgetting an important task or part of a process. Use departmental diagrams for new employee training, post them in important areas of the office.
Staff Performance Review
During the work redesign process we review the performance of each of your staff members. We look at their EHR literacy, willingness to follow instructions, interaction with their peers and customers, and the overall performance of their position. Is there advanced training necessary?


Expect changes! The workflow analysis discovers inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. The work redesign process involves change. It finds solutions which create changes in job descriptions, systems and processes.
Do you have the right person at the right position?
Are employees well trained? Do they fully understand what is expected of them?

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