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Center Administrator Training & Certificate of Completion
Our unique system was created specifically for medical center administrators to act proactively in all aspects of the organization. Today, many managers stand at the front desk of medical practices waiting for chaos to ensue and then begin solving problems. Instead, our system trains professionals to study, plan, create and implement new processes that will allow them to avoid department problems before they occur. They are trained to use analytical skills to interpret reports and forecast results, make comparisons, and look for variations in data.

Note: No School Prerequisites and No Experience in a Medical Center is necessary to obtain Certificate.
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Advanced Teaching - Daily Real Situations

What will we address?
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); Risk Management to the Company; CMS Guidelines ; Preventive Care; Star Ratings; (HEDIS) measures to ensure Health Care Effectiveness.
Workflows between departments; Diagrams by department; Reports and Analysis tools; Job Redesign; Systems and Processes by department; Policies and Procedures.
Departmental operations
; Smart appointment scheduling; Processes to avoid patient absences; Processes to avoid readmissions to the Hospital ; Identify High Risk patients ; Results of MRA.
Human Resources; Employee and Leadership Monitoring; Retention of new and existing members; Customer service; Daily Manual of Center Evaluation ; Refund Processes ... All this and more to run a center operations successfully!

Group Training

Do you own several medical centers? Register your administrators for personalized training with your company's values ​​and goals. In addition to manuals, policies and forms with your company logo. Call us today to get the discount for medical centers.

Certificados y Materiales

Certificates of Completion
1. Proactive Administration System
2. HIPAA Regulations and Risk Management
* Agenda with daily duties to review the operation of the center. for * Manual with the most important Policies, Systems and Processes. for * HIPAA and Risk Management Manual with detailed information, policies and inspection forms.

Healthcare Consultant Experience
You will receive training from an Executive with more than 15 years of Managed Care experience. Extensive experience in personnel management, training, advice and promotion of teamwork. Management of multiple medical centers as Head of Operations of various Healthcare Organizations. Experience in creating clinical and administrative workflows, systems, and processes to improve patient care and minimize utilization costs. Training experience of more than 10 years in different electronic health records (EHR) and administrative processes of medical centers.