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As part of the healthcare industry for more than a decade, and working closely with the CEOs of medical centers, we have seen firsthand the difficulties of being chosen from so many medical centers in South Florida. For this reason, Health Central Services has created systems and processes that ensure a successful center for many years to come. Details of our services below.

  • Workflow Analysis & Work Redesign
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Systems & Processes
  • Advanced Training
  • Human Resources Support
  • Utilization Management
  • HIPAA Regulations & Risk Management
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Workflow Analysis & Work Redesign

In all companies, it is essential that all employees work towards a common goal. Having a clear understanding of the company's workflow and how each department affects the other is crucial. A workflow analysis can help you avoid duplication of effort and improve productivity. It can help you speed up patient care, while providing excellent service.
A successful Work Redesign can allocate resources efficiently and free staff from unnecessary tasks. The departmental diagrams will help staff make decisions by following established rules that will guide them to the correct solutions for daily conflicts. Performance reviews will be conducted to establish the need for additional training, including data analysis to determine the relationship between tasks and employees.

Policies & Procedures

Once the workflow review is done, we focus on creating policies and procedures that help enforce the changes made in each department of the company. Each policy and procedure will be added to the Company Manual. During the Advanced Training, these policies will be explained.

Systems & Processes

In all companies, it is essential that all employees work towards a common goal. Having a clear understanding of the company's workflow and how each department affects the other is crucial. Developing systems and processes that reflect this communication is vital. Diagrams will be created that clearly demonstrate the changes for each department and between departments. These processes will also be used during the Advanced Training and incorporated in the manual for new employee training.

Advanced Training

Smart Scheduling Training Creating an appointment should not be an automatic action. This must be governed by precise information that dictates what is the best day and time for each appointment. We conduct multiple training lessons and focus on scheduling strategies based on many different criteria to create smart appointments.
Training range includes important appointment scheduling tips to avoid cancellations and no-shows; effective communication with patients during appointment scheduling; how to improve MRA scores through appointment scheduling; top 10 scheduling mistakes; how to improve workflow and decrease patient waiting time and much more!

Customer Service & Member Retention Establishing a loving and compassionate relationship with your members should be your primary focus in order to keep your center open for generations to come.
Help your staff with training on: Dos and Don'ts of Communicating with a Patient. How to avoid conflict situations and handle difficult patients. Respect patient privacy while providing excellent care and much more. We will indicate new initiatives for the retention of new & established members.

Additional training is received depending on consulting package.

Utilization Management Review

During the Utilization Management Review, high cost members will be identified and a plan will be established to reduce costs. A High Risk Patient Care team will be implemented in the search for better care for high risk members. Hospitalization data will be evaluated to determine how to reduce hospitalizations and avoid readmissions. Monthly reports by department will be determined to monitor employee productivity and identify opportunities for improvement.

HIPAA Regulations & Risk Management

We offer you a wealth of information to maintain all established HIPAA Regulations and Risk Management tools. We help you establish an internal monitoring and audit protocol; to implement policies and procedures of the compliance manual; to designate a compliance officer or contact person; to respond appropriately to detected offenses; to develop a corrective action, imposing disciplinary standards through the policies of the manual to follow. You will receive a Healthcare Compliance Manual for future consulting.

Human Resources Support

We provide support to the Human Resources department by providing all the documents and policies necessary to guide and monitor its staff. Performance review forms; job evaluation forms; Cellular use policies; Social media policy and much more!