TIP: Due Diligence – Get to Know your Specialists

How are you building your network of specialists?
How do you choose your external specialists?
Do you have a specific criteria? Do you do any kind of research?

Through our consulting services, we have learned that a small amount of time, if any, is spent building a good network of specialists. Normally the main criteria when making this decision is: Are they close to our location? Usually for transportation purposes offered to patients. And at other times the decision is based on whether they are in the current health plan’s network.

We observe that administrators are unaware of the poor service that a specialized practice may be providing to its patients. They also accept the precarious relationship between their staff and the specialist’s office. The worst thing is to find out that a patient ended their membership due to problems with a specialist.

Managers often feel they have no power over what happens in an outside specialist office and they do. Yes, you can make a difference. Yes, there are many great specialists doing a good job!

It is your duty to do your due diligence before sending patients to be treated by any specialist. It should be part of your commitment to provide excellent patient care inside and outside of the medical center.

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