TIP: New Community. New Everything!

Are you opening a new location?

As with any business, opening an additional location is a time for celebration. It means that your hard work is paying off. Now, different areas in Miami mean a completely different community. Your decisions, from office layout to the staff you choose and the services you offer, can change from location to location.
Study the community you will be serving and make changes accordingly.

Managers must know the community they serve. Hiring staff with work experience based on their title is great, but there are characteristics to look for based on the community they serve. From their language to their personality, level of compassion, and community they live in is important.

If you are serving the Haitian community, versus the Hispanic and Anglo community. There are many differences between them, from their language to compliance with doctor’s instructions and transportation needs. Therefore, appointment practices, the staff you hire, systems and processes may work differently from one location to another.

Our Talent Recruitment Program can help you hire the perfect staff for each community.

Our Consulting Services can be tailored to have the best workflow and the ideal practices depending the community you serve.

Learn more about our PAS training for administrators to be prepared for every challenge.

Click on the links below for more information.

Talent Recruitment Program

Consulting Services

Proactive Administrative System (PAS)

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