Proactive Administrative System – Quick Glance

TIP: Train your leaders. Being proactive can save you money.

Let’s talk about being proactive. For example:

Taking action before the Holidays knock on the door.

Don’t you just love the holidays? The smells, the food, the music… everything is magical.

The vacation months between the end of October and the second week of January are critical months for a medical center. Preparing for these months ahead of time is key and here’s why:

  1. Since employees take their vacation days during the holidays, understaffing can be a big problem.
  2. The number of FTEs may be minimal, but the salary expense is the same.
  3. Less staff means low productivity.
  4. Employees tend to be in a “holiday mood” and underperform.
  5. Employees have little to no supervision due to senior managers being on vacation.
  6. Patients miss their regular appointments, diagnostic tests, and don’t take care of their diet or exercise.
  7. With fewer patient visits, patients are at higher risk for hospitalizations or readmissions.
  8. The number of visits doubles and workflows are affected once the holidays are over. Don’t mention new patients coming in.
What actions are you taking to avoid all of this? Being prepared changes everything!

Our PAS training for administrators/managers prepares them for many unforeseen situations.

Learn more about our PAS training for administrators. Click on the link below.

Proactive Administrative System (PAS)

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